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Sometimes dreams can bear fruit to grand things, interesting and unique. Things that, once completed, stimulate the development of the city and leave a lasting mark on its topography. Those dreams sometimes save old buildings from being forgotten and give them new meaning and sense.
Hotel Forza together with the Fortezza Restaurant were born from such a dream. It has taken us many years to make the dream come to reality, starting from the discovery and renovation of the over-100-year-old shelter, through the project, to the shape that we finally achieved.
We are proud that our efforts will be appreciated by people from all over Poland. For the businessmen at our facility and for tourists visiting Poznań we have created a cozy and comfortable environment fit for both recreation and work – that was our most important goal. The place created as a result breathes history. We wish we could live here, providing close contact with our guests and a homely atmosphere. We have also tried to get together a harmonious, open and enthusiastic team of staff who will provide our guests with the highest quality of service.


Our cooking does not end with the restaurant. The chefs will be happy to make the hotel guests’ morning pleasant as well. We all know that nothing makes your day like a nutritious, tasty breakfast in a cozy, beautiful place. This is exactly what we had in mind when designing the hotel breakfast room. Glass-walled and situated on a mezzanine, it will give you an opportunity to admire the emergency shelter in all its glory. The guests will enjoy fresh bread, aromatic coffee and a buffet breakfast to the sound of discreet, pleasant music and seated in soft and comfortable armchairs.

Barand wine cellar

Our guests can take advantage of a cozy bar which has fitted in perfectly into one of the old shelter chambers. Glass, metal and modern decor give a unique look when paired with brick walls. Here our guests can have a cup of refreshing, aromatic coffee or excellent tea which will help them relax after a long day. Our guests can also savour world-renowned beers: German wheat beer – ERDINGER, Czech – ROHOZEC, or Bavarian – BAVARIA. They can also taste wine from our wine cellar situated in the nearby room. It is a place where one can meet in pleasant company or talk about life with the barman who, as you know, always listens and understands.


We have created a true kingdom for the little ones in one of the shelter chambers. We have put all of our efforts into making the children feel safe and comfortable. Time can be passed colouring-in, watching exotic fish in the huge tank, drawing on a 65-inch flatscreen and building labyrinths from the available playing blocks and toys. Meanwhile, the parents are free to have an „adult” meal and a conversation on „adult”, and therefore boring for the little ones, topics.


Guests can provide 3 chambers, which are part of the 19th century shelter Fortress Poznan. Each room can accommodate up to 24 people, this is the perfect place for small celebrations (birthdays, business meetings). Place off the beaten main part of the restaurant, where you can peacefully talk among themselves in a more intimate, romantic atmosphere, surrounded by candles and filled story brick walls.

Wherewe are?

Arriving by car:
The restaurant is located in the northern part of Poznan, Dworska street, 300m from crossing Lechicka/Naramowicka street.

Public transport:
Bus lines 47, 51, 67, 69, 911 (bus stop NARA01)

Fortezza Restaurant